Sunday, July 29, 2012

A mother's note

Why she skates, in her own words. The reason I started Paris in ice skating was because she was struggling in school and the teacher was calling her out, "Paris get back in your seat," "No Paris, that's not right," "Paris quit talking..." All of these repeated public verbal disciplinary action, in first grade, caused a social whiplash. Kids in class don't want to be friends with the one the teacher doesn't like. Kids gravitate to befriend the perceived "teacher favorite," especially in the younger years. 

Crying at night, Paris described hating life, she didn't ever want to go back to school and she didn't feel like she was smart, had any friends, or could be good at anything. Once she found ice skating it changed her world. She felt like she could be good at something, she could love life again. In her own words this is why Paris skates.

It's fun watching Paris as she watches the Summer Olympics. She is glued to the TV, eyes wide full of dreams of her own. She loves watching the athlete stories telling about what is has taken to get reach their Olympic dreams. She is looking at how hard they train and that is inspiring her to reevaluate her current training. It is so much fun to watch her fall in love with a dream. I remember when I was young my dad used come into my room at night to say good-night, he would tell me that I could grow up to become anyone and do anything I wanted to do. Now it is my turn to say it to her. Has anyone watched that commercial about the mother's of the athletes? I get teary eyed because no matter what your little ones do, who they become, how big they get or fast they grow, they will always be your babies. That is how I feel when I watch my baby dance so beautifully across the ice.

Gearing up

I recently entered Copper Cup at a higher level of competition than what I am used to. I am surprised to find the level of competition much more difficult than previous categories. I really like having tough competition because it forces me to work hard. I ended up placing 4th, landing my most difficult axel. I think I was beat at a technical level, arm gracefulness, spins, and other details. My goal is to take more off ice training to increase core strength and upper body awareness. I also want to be on ice for 2 hours and 15 minutes each day, and off ice for 30 minutes each day (at least). I think I need to be more disciplined when I'm on the ice without my coach. When I'm training with my coach, I know what to work on, and when to move on. When I'm alone on ice I sometimes get distracted watching other skaters, or jumping from one thing to another without perfecting either move. I forget to pay attention to posture and arm. I'm currently working to pass off my moves in the field at the Pre Juvenile level. My next competition is Oktoberfest scheduled at the end of September.

Sunday, December 18, 2011

Merry Christmas!

Hawaiian Christmas

Today was my Christmas program. This is a fun show where skaters and coaches from my rink come together to put on a show. We have a good time. I only really learned my little dance on Monday, to preform Friday...

First I preform with my syncro group, then with a smaller group.

Artistry in Motion from NYC is coming to my rink on February 18th. I'm really excited for this one day workshop, and I hope to raise enough money to go to a camp put on by the same company in NYC this June! Fingers crossed. If anyone has a great idea for a fundraiser, please share, I need some ideas.

Saturday, November 19, 2011

A Big Thank You!

I have heard from you! I am feeling your support in so many ways and from many directions. Thank you for your support in helping me become better on the ice. There is nothing I love to do more than to ice skate. If I'm not on the ice, I'm jumping around at home or stretching out. If only I didn't have to do so much homework...

Thank you!

I passed my test!

I passed my test! I'm officially a limited beginner.

Currently I'm working on my Christmas program, syncro program, and winter games competition.

I can now do a loop a flip and a full lutz jump.  I'm really exited for my syncro program/competition. We will be going to DISNEYLAND if we win our competition! I love Disneyland.

I'm having a Lia Sophia party on December 7th! 10 % of the show will go toward my ice dreams. I hope you can make it! If you can't make it because you live too far away, you can order this awesome jewelry online at It makes a great Christmas present. Be sure to ask about the special pricing and sales for my show.

Wednesday, November 2, 2011


Tomorrow is my test. November 3,2011. I'm really excited for my test. It doesn't seem hard, but you have to have every move perfect. My moves in the field are: left and right stroking, inside and outside, backward and forward edges, spirals on both feet, front and back edges around the hockey circle. Everything has to be in perfect balance, shape, and posture or I fail the test. Wish me luck!